Tuesday, June 17, 2003


But here are a couple of "phun linxx".
  • Powergen Italia or PowerGenitalia?
  • People Against Fun Creating a better world without fun
  • WatchBlog - 3 party election blog created by Cam, a fine old-school blogger I chatted with at SXSW. What a fantastic idea. (via Matt and Rex)

    Current weight: 712 lbs
    Today's food: 2 fried eggs with plum tomatoes and a couple of anchovies (a mistake), a wrap with fake turkey, mayo, mustard, sprouts, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce. Not sure about dinner yet.
    Feeling: Much better. The diet is working better than I expected - not only am I burning fat for fuel, but I'm burning urine. By tomorrow I will have ceased urinating.
  • Sunday, June 15, 2003

    The Komedy Koven has a bitchin' new movie! For those not familiar with the 24 hour movie concept: After 6PM on Friday, we call the hotline to find out what "the sentence" is. We then have 24 hours to make a short film about that sentence, and they are all screened the next day at the Rogue Buddha Gallery. This has been the inspirado for nearly every Koven production. This time it was just me, Lori and Maggie and we managed to do it all this afternoon. No all-nighters, no wigs. The result is a pretty hilarious minute-long commercial, of sorts.

    What Were You Thinking?

    Current weight: 947 lbs
    Today's food: Eggs, water, salad, shrimp, tofu, green beans, olives, cheese, an "Atkins truffle"
    Feeling: Really weird. I think I'm going through sugar withdrawal and caffeine withdrawal. My body's like, "What the f---? Where's the carbs? I trusted you, man. I f*cking trusted you."

    Saturday, June 14, 2003


  • Lifter Puller show pics
  • Blog friends and more featuring Tina and Lane at breakfast and Rex's party.
  • Friday, June 13, 2003

    It's almost 5am. I haven't been able to sleep well the last two nights. Some combination of a sinus infection and stressing out. Only 8 days to put together a longer version of Blogumentary for the DV-Cinema screening. So I'm up having another cup of Sleepytime Extra tea with valerian root. 4 tea bags. I notice http://www.plainlayne.dreamhost.com/ in my referrer stats. Buh? Could it be? Yes! Layne has returned, with doubts and perseverance a house and that beautiful baby. Welcome back, we missed you.

    I just found my Badly Drawn Boy CD. I really love this song. Yeah, and this one too.

    Did you know blogs could be rock and roll?
    Welcome to today's *WARNING* NOT WORK SAFE happy blog entry. Everyone wish Happy 25th to Darling Girl over at the Pussy Ranch. Give me a break, is that the best name for a blog or what? DG and her beau Jon are an unstoppable blog couple. I love DG's nasty Cathy-as-a-horny-lesbian cartoons. I've learned more about the life of a stripper from DG than any episode of HBO's Real Sex. Okay, I've only seen that show once, but still.

    Reverse Cowgirl is better than HBO, too. I wonder if her blog TV show will be, assuming it gets off the ground. Sex and the wild west just seem to go together, don't they?

    Thursday, June 12, 2003

    BASS STATION: A Community-Based Information Space
    Chekkit out. It's a bonafide 80's ghettoblaster equipped with Linux machine, 180 GB hard drive and WiFi. Why? To share music, of course. "Anyone with a Wifi-enabled device and a collection of music can upload tunes to the Bass-Station, and then hit Play. It echoes the party-in-a-box pattern of the ghetto blasters of yore while turning every listener into a DJ and every laptop into the 21st century equivalent of a box of vinyl." Check out the hardware. [ via Many-to-Many ]

    I love this pic of a creature I never knew existed.
    It's called an Axolotl ("water-dog").

    Unrelated to this photo: David Brinkley and Gregory Peck, R.I.P.
    Slightly related to this photo: Gollum's MTV Award Acceptance Speech

    Wednesday, June 11, 2003

    "Retiring chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix lashed out Tuesday at "bastards" in the Bush administration who he said consistently undermined his efforts to find Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and "leaned on" his staff to tailor their reports. " Fox News | Guardian

    And now, blog commentary. This is really no surprise, is it? For all their smiles and handshaking, couldn't you imagine U.S. meetings with Blix behind close doors as a sort of hard-boiled cop interrogation scene? A solitary light bulb, water dripping in a corner somewhere... a shadowy figure with his back to Blix. "Listen Blix, you betta snappy up this weapons report if you know what's good for ya. Dese clusta bombs?" The shadowy figure turns toward him. It's Donald Rumsfeld in a zoot suit. "Weapons of Mass. Friggin'. Destruction." Rumsfeld delivers a harsh blow to the stomach – UNGH! "You get me, Blixy?" You can also imagine this as the interrogation scene from The Matrix. Oh no, Blix's mouth is all gooey! Rumsfeld is still in a zoot suit, however.

    And it wasn't only Washington giving him a hard time. Baghdad called him a "homosexual who went to Washington every two weeks to pick up [his] instructions". No no - not gay, Swedish. It's a subtle difference.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2003

    If you missed "Night of Too Many Stars" on Comedy Central, well – you didn't miss anything. Because the only thing worth watching is right here, my friends, for a limited time. What we have here is Lou Reed performing "Walk on the Wild Side" with a gaggle of comedians. For real. Probably the weirdest rendition of this song since he performed it on "Night Music with David Sanborn." I can't remember who he performed with, but that show featured such surreal pairings of musicians as The Residents and Conway Twitty. More of that.

    Watch the clip (15 MB)

    Monday, June 09, 2003

    I'm struggling to understand the role blogs played in the downfall of NY Times editor Howell Raines, and beyond:

  • Andrew Sullivan, triumphantly: First Lott. Then Raines. And you ain't seen nothing yet.
  • Sunday Times (UK): Editor falls to bloggers’ rapid poison
  • Jeff Jarvis has higher hopes for the blogosphere: If all you do is destroy... you don't build, you don't contribute.
  • InstaPundit's constructive suggestions for Big Media
  • Dead Parrot Society: Blogging toward a better media
  • Cut on the Bias: Can Blogging Improve Media?
  • Right Wing News: Symposium on Media & The Blogosphere
  • Dan Gillmor: Blogs taking way too much credit
  • Alex Jones on PBS NewsHour: I think this story has been kept alive, in many ways, by the Internet
  • Online Journalism Review: Feeling Misquoted? Weblogs, Transcripts Let the Reader Decide
  • Jim Romenesko has much more, if you're masochistic.

    UPDATE: Online Journalism Review, as usual, has the most level-headed analysis.

    Whew! There's no doubt blogs played a role in this, but as these smart folks said what blogs are great at is driving a story. Keeping it alive, adding new information, connecting the dots. In this case, I think it provided a forum for those who had an axe to grind with Raines to do so publicly and pour salt in a festering wound, preventing it from healing and resulting in severing the limb for the good of the body. Is it for the good of the body though? Is it good for the New York Times and for journalism? I sure as hell do not know. I resonate with Jeff Jarvis and Anil Dash - I hope the buzzing swarming power of blogs can do more than decimate and destroy. However, destruction can be an act of creation. Paradigm shifts happen swiftly. Right now I think we're realizing what's broken with the old paradigm, but we have no idea what the new paradigm looks like.
  • Sunday, June 08, 2003

    First in a series, over at Space Waitress!
    For example: "Why don't you get _____ head out of ____ ass?"

    This in response to yet another great Republicans vs. Democrats debate. I do surely hope Howard Dean kick's GW Bush's poopy butt. (Can you tell I have a Political Science degree?)

    This was one of many conversations we had at blunch (blog-brunch) with Lane and Tina, the unstoppable husband-and-wife blogging team visiting from Iowa. I've really liked most bloggers I've met in meatspace, and Lane and Tina are no exception. They're super cool, super nice, and they dig Yo La Tengo -- dang, when are you moving up here guys? The Blogmobile will definitely be swinging through Iowa if we get the chance.

    Lifter Puller snippet 6/7/03 (3 MB MPEG)

    More to come...

    Saturday, June 07, 2003


    I offer the above photo of my severely scratched glasses as proof of Lifter Puller's universal ass-kicking rock power. I haven't moshed in I don't know how long, but if there's one thing that'll make me fling my body into a hoard of ecstatic pounding bodies it's a Lifter Puller reunion. I suddenly realized my glasses weren't on my face, got down on my hands and knees and scoured the spaces between shoes. *tap tap* "Looking for these?" My glasses! Thank God. At least I can replace the lenses. I'm bringing the camera to tonight's show, so more to come.

    MEANWHILE: Secret fabulous developments with Blogumentary's Brazilian correspondent and videographer, Carmela!

    Die Puny Humans rocks.

    Friday, June 06, 2003


    Exactititudes: a photo-project of members of a the same subculture in the same poses. "The effect is pretty striking: you quickly discover that in one's attempt to express their own individuality, one often ends up looking like a helluva lot of other people." [ via BoingBoing ]

    Looking forward to a visit from canadian lane this weekend, not to mention Lifter Puller and Yo La Tengo. Lane and Daintily Dirty have some deep well-wishing thoughts on blog life, post-Plane Layne.
    Cyberlaw professor Lawrence Lessig is building support for the Public Domain Enhancement Act. "The act would require American copyright holders to pay $1 fifty years after a work was published. If they pay the $1, the copyright continues. If they don’t, the work passes into the public domain. Historical estimates would suggest 98% of works would pass into the pubilc domain after 50 years. The Act would do a great deal to reclaim a public domain."
    >> Sign the petition here

    Opening credits to Six Feet Under [ via kottke ]

    Thursday, June 05, 2003

    My friend Nikki produced an All Things Considered story on my friend Heather. Heather lost 156 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery. She sounds so happy! It's good to hear both of their voices. It's a great piece: Read and hear the story

    My ISP (APlus.Net) decided to suspend blogumentary.org. Okay, they got me back online pretty quick. I'm now upgraded to my own server to handle Blogumentary video clips bandwidth. Which is fine but hadn't really planned on the extra money. Hey folks, don't forget to donate via PayPal!

    Listening to The Clientele "Lost Weekend" EP, post-birthday celebration. I had a case of the mean reds, which sometimes happens on my birthday. You know? Just feeling reflective and melancholy, I think not feeling connected enough to the people I care about. Not that I didn't have a lovely time and all. Latin Carribean cuisine at Babalu, mojitos and caipirihnas, a little Family Guy DVD action. Good times.

    You can feel connected to people through their blogs. Sometimes even more so than in person. I probably wouldn't be this confessional to most of you in person. Is this a real connection? I think so. Some of you might know about a beloved Minnesota blogger who recently went on hiatus for personal reasons. I think anyone who read her blog feels connected to her. I have and do relate to situations she's written about. Of course at some point I have to wonder, is all this advice in comments actually helpful or just adding confusion and noise? I hope it's been helpful. I'd like to know, though.

    So here's a shoutout to all my homies, online and off. Old friends. My Mom. My lovely girlfriend. And of course, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

  • Pics from Chollie's Bday
  • Pics from Lori's Bday in May
  • Wednesday, June 04, 2003

    I suppose I should reflect, or celebrate, or something. How's this: Lori is thinking we should check out the Atkins Diet that we used to make fun of. I sure have a lot of blog-fat these days. Any thoughts?

    Tuesday, June 03, 2003

    Finally, TV for kitties and kitty people like me, on the Oxygen Network. I look forward to many hours of licking myself and purring, which is really nothing new. Thanks, Oprah!

    Everyone's been raving about GreenCine Daily lately – and for good reason. It rocks. I've been gobbling it up since it appeared in Kottke's remaindered links. I'm becoming obsessed with Vincent Gallo's latest ego trip, "The Brown Bunny." Check out his spat with Roger Ebert and this story about what he did to a poster of Christina Ricci.

    You may have read about Ventura's so-called skirmish with Leslie Davis – a frequent candidate and protester. Davis' sign had this devilish image from the cover of his book, "Always Cheat: The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura." My understanding is that Ventura folded up Davis' sign, which isn't exactly "destroying" it, and Davis put the sign back up later. Of course, I didn't see it and even if I did I can't really say more.

    ALSO: Remember to hold Bush accountable and watch out for those pesky T-rays! Oh, and Fimoculous Rex is having a party. I'm so excited about this. Midwest bl0ggerz repraz3nt

    Sunday, June 01, 2003


    Lori, Doc Chameleon and I ventured to Minnehaha Falls and snapped some fine photos. I haven't actually seen the falls since I was little. I was refreshed and dazzled. The falls have a rich history – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the famous "Song of Hiawatha" poem in 1855, and they came to be called "Laughing Waters" after a poem by Mary Eastman in her 1849 book "Dahcotah." I actually own that book from working on a PBS web site about Mary's husband Seth Eastman, whose paintings documented the daily life and sacred rituals of the Dakota.

    The best part? Macro lens closeups of the tiny universes living on mossy rocks. My new banner blog photo is from a little mossy forest I discovered. I also captured a tiny spider and a waterbug, but I'm sure more treasures were waiting had I more time. Makes me want to see the phenomenal Microcosmos again on DVD, not to mention Winged Migration as soon as it finds us here in the Midwest.

  • SUNDAY FOTO SHENANIGANS: View the photos

    And, until I get a linky sideblog, some linkage:

  • A Theory of Everything, NYTimes. Simplified but pretty right-on.
  • Blogs: The Next Big Thing by John Dvorak
  • If You Really Want to Know, Ask a Blogger in the Guardian. Like Dr. Weinberger says, blogs are about conversations. Sure there are experts and we need them, but there are so many smart people blogging and talking to each other on any given topic that they collectively become the ultimate expert.
  • Saturday, May 31, 2003

    Tonite I wanted to see the robot band. Bad. By the way I'm drunk right now. Instead we went to see Mike Gunther and His Wailing Souls. Because I know two of those wailing souls, and they're all about purging that ol' devil from your veins. Robots don't know how ta purge the devil from yo veins.

    Here's why tony pierce is fucking awesome:
    today's bob hope's 100th birthday. fuck bob hope.
    see, that is some funny, funny shit right there.

    the question of the day is, how depressed can you really be if your fingers smell of nineteen yr old danish pussy?
    this needs no comment. genius self-evident.

    man, i just wanna hang out with tony piece and kate sullivan and moxie and all those guys, and rock out to tsar and get drunk. But, I do love Minneapolis. East coast bloggers love Fischerspooner, West coast bloggers tard out over Tsar. Who rocks the Midwest blog posse? I think it's Lifter Puller. Are you with me?

    One of those wailing souls made my day. It was rainy and crappy today, but when I got to work there was a little ink drawing. She drew me a deluxe-mustachio'd ape wearing funky underwear called Mr. Nice-n-Tidy. She also drags chains over an oil drum and plays trumpet. But now my honey is sleepy and so am I. My birthday is Wednesday -- everyone give me $5 thru my paypal buttton okay? June 4, Gemini rocket power. Did I mention my ISP is trying to jack me into getting my own server, cuz the Blogumentary trailer and ancillary footage have eaten up gobs of bandwidth? It's true. I'll personally grab the crotch of everyone who donates $5!

    Brittney's blog/webcam

    Friday, May 30, 2003


    Happy Friday to ya. Here's a little 15 second commercial I did for the Speedboat Art Gallery, specifically for a show called Collaboration featuring these too-cool-4-school Japanese art kids. The dude is especially into American culture. He was wearing a shirt that said "WHO THE FUCK IS MICK JAGGER?" (we had to tape over the -UCK), he had a riff-rock band and apparently just bought a camaro. My hero!

    Speedboat Art Gallery commercial (3 MB)

    Wednesday, May 28, 2003

    "I truly believe there is an opportunity for blogs to have an impact in Iraq. There should be blogs coming out of Cuba, there should be blogs coming out of China. It is a way for the people to say what is on their mind. It's the people's medium."
    Carmela is a Brazilian journalism student writing her thesis about blogs, and using Blogumentary as a sort of recurring theme to illustrate her points. I can't tell you how flattering and gratifying that is. If the only useful thing to come out of this project is to help journalism students and researchers, I'll be quite happy. I also got email from a Brazilian journalist wanting to know all about my project, and do I plan to cover non-English speaking blogs? Jeff Jarvis would say I'm building a bridge, and "swimming the Brazilian blogger pond."

    I offered to post some raw footage for Carmela to use in her thesis, since the trailer itself is more experiential than informational. I knew what to post first. Y'all think I'm an Anil-whore – entirely true – but really I'm all about the Jarvis. This is raw footage, but he's so lucid and fluent on various aspects of blogging you'd swear it was scripted and rehearsed. Nope, just straight-talk from a really media-savvy guy building blog bridges to Germany and Iran.

    Jeff Jarvis on blogs, journalism and democracy (16 MB)

    Tuesday, May 27, 2003

    Red Cross denied access to PoWs
    "Up to 3,000 Iraqis - some of them civilians - believed to be gagged, bound, hooded and beaten at US camps close to Baghdad airport ."

    US plans death camp
    "The US has floated plans to turn Guantanamo Bay into a death camp, with its own death row and execution chamber. Prisoners would be tried, convicted and executed without leaving its boundaries, without a jury and without right of appeal." [ MeFi thread ]

    This is sickening. We can't allow power-hungry rage and vengeance to steer us into Nazi territory. We're better than that. Meanwhile, we clearly we need an international involvement in establishing better human rights conditions in Iraq - Amnesty International has one possible plan.

    Know Your War Profiteers card deck [via Something to Think About ]

    Monday, May 26, 2003

    Today – this lovely day – I shaved my fat cat, had beer and veggie brats at a BBQ, and rounded off the nite with a little on-demand video. We really wanted to see Far From Heaven but it was too late and we were in the mood for fluff. But my god, who knew fluff could be so painful? We may be the last people on earth who haven't seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I know I should be talking about The Matrix: Reloaded, but i'm in complete agreement with Doc Chameleon on that. Back to the Wedding. Okay, I'm sure my mom probably loved it. All moms everywhere are forgiven for liking this movie, as well as Analyze This and related fodder. As for the rest of you – what's your excuse? This movie is a steaming pile of goat crap. We were prepared for a feel-good sleeper hit. What we got was a feel-nothing sleeping pill. This piece of commercial pap had me fooled with it's indie-makes-it-big IFC Films pedigree, but you'd have a hard time finding a more generic Hollywood script in Syd Field's Screenwriting for Dummies. Andrea Martin, who is curiously absent from Christopher Guest's films, is a tiny salvation. She comes out of nowhere with the only line that really made me laugh. The rest of the film is aiming so low I have to wonder if it was improv. Nia Vardalos, the bride, did her Molly Shannon-best. Her groom is played by John Corbett – remember the DJ on Northern Exposure? – who you haven't seen in ten years for a reason. There was a single moment of genuine emotion at the end, a father-daughter acceptance moment. Then they move next door to her Greek family, repeat the past and live happily ever after. Great, I wonder what's up next on the Lifetime Network?
    ANSWER:  YOU WON’T. Rep. Rush Holt Introduces Legislation to Require All Voting Machines To Produce A Voter-Verified Paper Trail
    Awww yeah! We were pretty surprised, but the Komedy Koven's commercial for the concept of eternal life took the top spot at the Low Voltage Film Festival saturday nite. It prominently features Doc Chameleon as "Birdman" (pictured) and Space Waitress as the unstoppably perky "Pam." I handled the production and post-production, with a brief appearance as "I feel like 15 scoops of ice cream" guy. Maggie and Lorika round out this entertaining yet creepy little ad:

    Eternal Life commercial
    Eternal Life 2.0 which is more light-hearted and surftastic.

    Also: the panoramic view from atop Mt. Everest is breathtaking.
    NY Times article on photo blogs.

    Friday, May 23, 2003

    Oh how I wish I was there. But I am on the program Saturday at 2:55 PM Austrian time, which is 7:55 AM Minneapolis time. Live blogging and video stream here. Of course, I already have a better version of the Blogumentary trailer than the one they are showing...

    BLOGUMENTARY TRAILER v1.1 (Quicktime, 15MB)

    BUG FIXES: Shorter, most people now identified by name, better sound, Anil is more visible... and fewer hand shots!

    Remember the Starbucks/Sopranos incident? Seems I'm not alone - Stanford cyberlaw guru Lessig lit the fire -- blog rebels everywhere, go to your local Starbuxx this weekend and take pictures! It's against corporate policy! Their brand is clearly sick.

    Rex alerted me to another (mock)blogumentary. Whew, the heat is off me now. This one features Bazima and vice-versa. Bazima sweetheart, I know you're not a blogumentary whore, but got any room for a lil' Blogumentary side dish? Actually, to be really incestuous, maybe we can all film each other. With clothes on, you perverts. I keep spouting about wanting to see 1,000 blogumentaries sprout up. My God, it's begun! The sentinels are unleashed! Maybe all that NYC footage everyone complains about will make sense after all.

    One thing. After watching the Blogumentary trailer, several people have said, "What? For more info about blogs, visit my local library????" Umm... IT'S A JOKE!

    The action is definitely at Complicated Fun. Peter gots the sex and the rock, and there's gotta be drugs in there somewhere. Now when is the TC Babelogue going to give me mad props again? I've become a link-hungry bastard and I don't care. RAAAR! Movie tip: The Two Towers is playing over at Riverview this weekend. I'm so there. I yearn to see a sequel that doesn't have to be coolerlouderfaster than its predecessor.

    And here's some heady blogumentary talk.

    Thursday, May 22, 2003

    Everyone refers to him as "the obnoxious guy." His name is Seth and I happen to think he's hilarious. Okay, he was obnoxious but that's because he was drunk. "What inspired you to start a blog?" I asked. Well, Joshua Marshall of Talking Point Memo. But, umm, he says a bit more than that. All in good fun, folks!

    Watch the clip (Quicktime, 2MB)
    Watch the clip (Windows media, 1MB)

    UPDATE! Seth discovers this video clip and is sick to his stomach. But we cool now. Give it up for Seth everybody. By the way, Seth has never ever ever actually seen, touched, or otherwised been in any legal or imaginary proximity to Mr. Marshall. That goes out to Seth's Yale legal team, who are probably glad they avoided my camera that night.

    Wednesday, May 21, 2003

    Thanks to all the fine folks who've linked to the trailer and emailed me in the last 24 hours... I love you all, deeply and quite honestly pornographically.

    Christ, the pacing on that trailer is *awful*. What's up with all the psuedo-Koyaanisqatsi shots of people hithering-and-yonning, and the subway flashing by - should we infer that blogging is a New York-centric activity? And is the narrator *trying* to sound like Agent Smith in the intro?

    For more fine comments like these, the real action is on MetaTalk!

    EUROPEAN BLOGUMENTARY: Can anyone translate this? Looks Czech. Looks cool.

    Also: Blog with your heart, not your ass.

    Tuesday, May 20, 2003

         Watch the trailer v1.1 (Quicktime, 16MB)

         Watch the trailer (Windows , 13MB)

    You know you want it! Rebecca Blood, Matt Haughey, Meg Hourihan, Jason Kottke, Anil Dash, Jeff Jarvis, David Weinberger, and all those funny people on the street who don't know what a blog is. And a few who do. It's all here in my first crack at a trailer for Blogumentary, which I was up all night editing and FedEx'd to Vienna for the blogtalk conference. I touch on several themes: blog origins, 9/11 impact, relationships. I didn't even get to journalism, one of my main themes. Much more work to do getting the blog story. Work like this. I want to talk to that blogger in Kentucky, find the bloggers you haven't heard of who are making (or breaking) relationships with their blogs, making their voices heard, telling their story.

    That's why I need you, dear blogfan. "What? Me? But, but... how can I help? Also, why would I help cuz I don't actually like you or your stupid movies?" Well here's how, blog-hater. Note the shiny new PayPal link, which is currently my only source of funding for this documentary. Now, you could certainly do other things with your blog monies... you could give it to the fat kid or the naughty girl for example, both frigging excellent causes. But let's talk about the real cause celeb. This is bottom-up. This is open-source. You are the celeb, you superstar. And you oughta be in pictures:

    $50 DONATION and I will link your name on a very special Thank You web page.
    $100 DONATION will get your name in the credits. And the link.
    $1000 DONATION Ready for your closeup? You appear in Blogumentary. Seriously. It might only be for two seconds, and I might make fun of you, but you'll be there. "You sellout whore!" you say. Ha ha ha, oh mom! Seriously, I don't have any ethical problem with this. It's alternative funding. Also, it's my documentary and I can do whatever I want, including interview my cutting edge funders -- why not?
    $10,000 DONATION gets you an Executive Producer credit and, I don't know, a blow job or something.

    My comments seem to be down, but email me baby!

    Monday, May 19, 2003

    Look at what terrific email I've been getting. Here's a nine year-old kid named Alex that's nuts about basketball and blogs about it. Imagine if he wanted to be a sports writer, how much experience he'll have writing about his passion from such a young age. I remember having to write in my journal at school, but the teacher would usually write the topic on the board. Why not give every kid a blog and let them blog about something they love? Video games, dead squirrels, whatever. Blogs in school I say, blogs and condoms. Okay, just blogs for the nine year-olds.

    Hi Chuck,
    My son Alex is a major basketball fan and he's only 9 years old. He's got a blog site I'd like you to look at:


    It's a great way to express yourself. I encourage my son to keep writing and I wish you good luck with your venture.

    All the best,

    Sunday, May 18, 2003

    I'm working 'round the clock on a Blogumentary trailer for the blogtalk conference in Vienna, Austria next week. It will probably suck a little, being my first shot at assembling something from all this footage. I've been getting some great email suggestions on where to go with this bad boy - keep 'em coming. Meanwhile...

  • Matrix Reloaded rocked. FX were mind-blowing. Questions remain. Beer and philosophizing are a must.
  • Gov Pawlenty pushes budget through. I'd say the Dems pussed out, but I should have done more.
  • I say, have you been to the Pussy Ranch?
  • NY Times discovers Gawker. I'll post my interview with the lovely/sassy Ms. Spiers soon.
  • Got drugz for my sinus infection, no doubt stemming from my wisdom teeth removal.
  • I had a White Stripes concert dream. Meg wasn't there, Jack White was all cool in sunglasses playing guitar and a different cool dude in shades was singing - in Jack White's voice. Like Jack White split into two people. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to cut Meg out of the Stripes - honest! Did I mention I'm a Gemini?

    LISTENING: White Stipes Elephant (duh), Beta Band, Junior/Senior, Joy Division after hearing them at Brit's Pubs last night.